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CultureCare for collaborative culture

CultureCare teaches leaders how to create a more engaged, committed, and collaborative workforce, significantly increasing team and organizational performance. The future landscape of healthcare requires credible, high-trust leaders to galvanize employees around key initiatives.

In some way or another, speed and cost is your mandate as a leader. The “what” is clear – you know what you need to be focused on as an organization, but the “how” may be your biggest opportunity. 


Many healthcare leaders are dealing with issues such as:

  • Inefficiency
  • Low quality outcomes
  • Disengagement
  • Cost reductions
  • Increased readmissions and errors
  • Slow adoption of new technology
  • Unsatisfactory patient experience scores
  • Poor performance on current initiatives

All of these issues are symptoms of low-trust behavior in the culture.

CultureCare, the Speed of Trust for Healthcare is a unique “inside-out” approach to change. All meaningful change begins with the individual.

The issues above cannot be solved by the stroke of a pen, a leadership mandate, or by changing a system or process . Typically, these types of “outside-in” approaches usually invite more suspicion and bureaucracy that thwart the very progress that leaders seek.

See the economic model below and consider the impact of trust in your culture on getting work accomplished:


Speed and Cost


High trust enables and accelerates performance – a Trust Dividend.     

A very real Trust Tax is laden upon everything your organization is trying to accomplish.  

Without high levels of trust; every interaction, work project, or initiative; every strategic or tactical imperative leaders are trying to accomplish will slow down or even grind to a halt. That always comes at a high cost!

Galvanize Your Culture

How do you turn Trust Taxes into Trust Dividends? Many of your organizational issues can be addressed through changes in individual behavior. When new behavior is collectivized across the team or organization, it galvanizes and enables an entirely different level of collaboration between individuals, teams, and departments.

Why you? Why your team or organization?

You can let the culture go as it goes . . . or you be very intentional about changing it. We know you are experiencing dramatic change, pressure from stakeholders, and having to do more with less. Healthcare leaders today are evaluating how to engage employees differently around their key initiatives.

We have the answer.

CultureCare is a behavior-based solution designed specifically for healthcare that is proven, matrixed, collaborative, and transformational. The goal is not for your team or hospital to become a “CultureCare Hospital,” but for the language and behaviors of CultureCare to become the culture of your hospital.